Terms and Conditions

1.  This offer entitles RCI Platinum members to purchase single use DragonPass eCertificates.  Each eCertificate may only be used in the airport designated when ordering.

2.  The price of eCertificates varies from airport to airport.

3.  You must complete all details on request when purchasing your eCertificate. You will need to include your email address.

4.  DragonPass eCertificates are one use only and can only be used by the person whose details have been submitted during the purchase process. Admission to the lounges will be refused if an eCertificate has been used previously.

5.  Multiple eCertificates can be purchased in one transaction but these will be in the same name as the details submitted.  If you require different names on eCertificates please use the additional ordering fields on the ‘Buy Now’ page.

6.  Your DragonPass eCertificate is valid for 1 year from date of issue as stated on the eCertificate.

7.  Customers must be 18 or older. Please note that some lounges limit access to those who are 21 or older.

8.  Access to lounges is strictly subject to availability.

9.  Lounges have their own terms and conditions, they will also have dress requirements and will not allow access if drunk or likely to cause offence to other customers.

10.  The DragonPass eCertificate has to be presented upon entering the lounge to gain entry and they also will require secondary ID which can be either a boarding pass or passport. Failure to present a valid eCertificate will mean access to lounge will be refused.  Please note that eCertificates are only valid in the airport stated on the eCertificate.

11.  The standards and services at lounges in the DragonPass programme differ and beyond our control. A description of services available is shown on each lounge which you can find on the website at

12.  The maximum duration of a lounge visit is for between 2 and 3 hours. This varies from lounge to lounge; please check the website for details before travel.

13.  Lounges available in the programme do change from time to time and the website contains the up to date availability of lounges, including opening hours and any restrictions.

14.  The service at lounges includes but is not limited to comfortable seating, refreshments, snacks, newspapers and magazines and internet access.

15.  Lounges within the programme are operated by 3rd parties.

16.  Any additional services available at lounges which are extra to the standard membership service have to be paid directly at the lounge.

17.  DragonPass and RCI Europe shall not be held liable if your lounge is unavailable due to reasons beyond their control.

18. Any information which you provide to DragonPass is subject to our Data Privacy Policy. This governs our collection and use of your information. While we do not collect irrelevant personal data, we do require some personal data in order to provide you with our service. For further information please refer to our Date Privacy Policy located at